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Whether you just moved to a new city or still on the hunt for a stylist who knows how to cater to curly hair, finding a hair stylist you can trust is a struggle only curlies would understand. There have been too many times we’ve left the salon unsatisfied and out of pocket, so before you jump into the chair and let the stylist work their magic, be sure to schedule a consultation in advance. If you’re not sure where to start or what to ask, here are the best questions to ask your future hair stylist to get an understanding of their expertise and to be clear on what your expectations are. 

“What are your areas of expertise?”

Though there are stylists who are multi-faceted and offer a wide variety of services, be sure to ask what their expertise is. That way you know what they’re specialty is and know if they’re a good fit for the service you’re looking for, plus it’s a great conversation starter.

“Where did you train?”

Another way to gauge their expertise is to ask where they trained. Lots of hairstylists started out working on friends, sisters, and cousins before graduating to a professional school, and just because they started small doesn’t mean they can’t do big things for your curls now, but you do want to be sure they’re professionally licensed and have experience with textured hair specifically.

“Do you have a portfolio where I can see your work?”

Many stylists have a gallery on their website and social media sites, so if you haven’t already check that out to see their work.

“Will this style, cut or technique work for my hair type?”

If you have a vision in mind of how you want your hair to look be sure to gather some hair inspiration and show the stylist to get her feedback. Ask for her opinion to see if that will work with your hair texture,

“What would be the best maintenance regimen for the preferred style?”

The biggest mistake curlies make is getting a style, cut or color they aren’t educated on how to maintain. If you know what you want, be clear on what you’re wanting to do with your hair and ask the best regimen for a healthy

“What products do you use?”

Many stylists work with hair brands and prefer to only use certain brands on their clients, but that doesn’t always mean you’re hair will work well those brands. If a stylist is just pushing the products sold in the salon to get you to spend the most money, that is a warning sign that they care less about your hair and more about the final sale.

“What are your prices?”

Let’s be honest, maintaining healthy hair is an investment. Be sure to ask the stylist for their price list, especially if you know the service you have in mind. Though many stylists accept credit cards, some only accept cash so something else to be aware of so you can be prepared if you decide to book. In some cases there is an upcharge for textured hair services, and it is worth finding out before you get to the register. 

“What is the best way to schedule an appointment?”

With technology being at the touch of our fingertips, there are several ways to book an appointment through a website or an app, so be sure to ask what their preference is. Also, many stylists require a deposit when you schedule your appointment, don’t fret it’s common amongt most stylists.

If you’re looking for a stylist in your area check out our recommended salons.

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