Hawaiian beach curly

I absolutely love the water! It may sound corny, but whenever I'm in the ocean I feel as if I'm one with God and nature. Gone are the days when I let my hair rob me of that experience. Like most naturals, in the past I would have opted out of going to the pool or taking a dip in the ocean. Not just because I couldn't swim, but because I didn't want to get my hair wet in fear that everyone would witness my neatly coifed afro puff disintegrate into a small shrunken mass of hair. It was embarrassing then because the other kids would point and laugh at the fact that my hair was different and would completely change its appearance upon getting wet while theirs stayed relatively the same. As I got older, though (much older), and learned to embrace that difference and my other unique qualities, I was better off. Before I knew it, I was dunking and diving (keep in my mind I still can't swim) and enjoying the feeling of the water as it passed through my coils and caressed my scalp. Any chance I got to go to the beach, I took it!

I do feel different about the pool though. The chlorine burns my throat and is ten times harsher on my tresses than ocean water. The chemicals leave my hair dry and extremely prone to breakage which is a no go for me. On the contrary, the ocean water aids my hair in a clarification process much like an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse! Leaving me one less thing to do whenever I wash my hair after a trip to the beach. In fact, whenever I'm preparing for the beach I make sure that my hair is already dirty so that I'm not messing up a new 'do or anything and I get to have the ocean wash my hair for me.

After waking up to cleanse my hair after a trip to the beach one night, I noticed that my hair was completely dried out. I guess that would be the con of going swimming for some, but I just see that as a chance to up my deep conditioning treatment which is what I normally do anyway after I wash my hair. One of the biggest pros for me, however, is how the ocean water naturally clarifies my hair! When I went to wash it afterwards, I noticed that my scalp was completely CLEAN leaving no need for a 5 min ACV rinse after I shampooing! Oh how I love the ocean. Almost makes me wish for a Curly Beach Party. Maybe next year, if it's God's will.

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