There are a few ways that you can maintain your hair's manageability after a day at the beach! A very important factor in maintaining managibility is how you prepare or style your hair prior to a day of fun in the sun. I try not to go to the beach when I'm wearing a fresh or fairly new protective style like braids, twists or a sew in. I normally leave my hair as is (I rock rough and stuff with my afro puff) and I opt out of washing my hair when it's in protective styles because I never feel like my hair is getting a real "good wash" under those circumstances, especially with a sew in.

Some naturalistas have no problem washing their hair during protective styling and will co-wash post beach instead of doing their full on regimen. My hair has never been much for co-washing though, so whenever I wash my hair, I have to shampoo, deep condition and all of that other good stuff in order to achieve adequate results. The only thing that I am able to subtract from my regimen for sure post beach is the apple cider vinegar rinse since the ocean water already clarifies my hair of dirt and product build up naturally!

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A Hairstyle Idea for the Curly Pool Party

Strawberricurls shows how to get hair fit for the beach!

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