It’s summer, and with summer comes some regular activities. We have warmer weather, vacations, festivals, road trips, poolside lounging, and reading. Yea, many of us are going to be picking up some great books to pass the lazy summer days away and while we drift off into la-la land with our favorite genre don’t forget the amazing curly hair books that are really worth picking up and reading.

Curly and coily hair are hot, and while we are all loving and appreciating the movement, we have to keep up with what’s being said, done, and considered the best techniques. Yes, you can get great info on the web and from word of mouth, but sometimes we get more in-depth resources through books. It’s a new day so many books are available in electronic versions.

Curly Girl - The NEW Handbook

This bestselling Curly Girl Handbook is back and completely revised, updated, and expanded with even more hair food for thought. The curly girl method which was created by curly hair evangelist Lorraine Massey has liberated many a curly from hating her tresses. Packed with folproof hair methods that inspire, motivate, and empower all curlies no matter their curl, coil, or wave. Chapters on the basics like cleaning and conditioning are essential, but it’s filled with hair recipes, how-to’s on trimming and cutting hair, and updated information on eco-friendly and chemical-free products.

There is a breakdown of each curl type and how to cleanse, condition, and style with little to no problems and as the main focus is on moisture and curl hydration, the no-poo or sulfate-free shampoo is key to keeping your tresses healthy and frizz-free.

The love I have for this book is real. It’s like my curly book bible. There is so much information, explanations, and directions that it must be read by all textured-haired women whether you have curls, coils, or waves. This easy to read handbook should be in your beach tote or on your Kindle all summer long to help keep your tresses in tip-top shape.

Better Than Good Hair: The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair!

Available on paperback and Kindle, the ‘Curl Whisperer’, Nikki Walton aka CurlyNikki came out with her debut book to discuss all things curly and coily! Curly Nikki shares her secrets along with friends to show the newly naturals that relaxers are out and weaves are so yesterday. There are better ways to take care of your hair and natural hair is the best way possible to have healthy, happy tresses.

There are product recommendations, step-by-step techniques on hair management, and tons of tips from using henna for graying hair to dealing with family and friends who are not in support of your journey. There are also how-to illustrations on popular hairstyles from frohawks to twist-outs.

I find this book a real page-turner and a must for the beach tote. Having trouble with what most naturals call basics care? Well, this is the book for you! Don't know how to deal with family and friends who express only negativity about your natural hair journey?  Yup, this book is for you.