By: Morgan Willhite of Ouidad

With summer approaching, whether it’s the dry heat or humidity, the sudden climate change can send textured hair through the ringer! This year, let’s get ahead of the heat and start prepping our hair, avoiding the dehydrated, frizzy do!

Prepare Your Curls for Summer

  1. When prepping for summer, hydration is key. Lack of moisture causes hair to expand and frizz. The foundation to healthy, hydrated hair is using a protein based treatment. The healthier the hair, the easier the maintenance!
  2. Getting hair summer ready requires 2-3 treatments a month. To achieve optimum results, heat activation is required. Heat opens the hair cuticle allowing the proteins to penetrate and internally repair the structure of the hair. For this, you can use heat from a blow dryer, steam from the sauna at the gym…or the beautiful summer sun! So before you hit the beach, why not prep your hair with Ouidad’s Deep Treatment and let the warm sun repair your hair?
  3. Just as important as using a protein treatment is using a leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning.  I call this the ‘base’ of your hairstyle. The ‘base’ helps seal in the moisture, filling in any dry areas and taming the texture. Leave-in conditioners come in liquid or cream form. The type of curls you have determines which one is best for you.
    •        Coarse, Kinky, & Dry texture – Use a cream leave in conditioner, which will smooth the texture in preparation for a styling product. Try Ouidad’s Moisture Lock Leave in Conditioner.
    •       Fine, Curly, & Wavy texture – Base the hair with a liquid spray leave-in conditioner, adding moisture without weighing down the curl pattern. Try Ouidad’s Botanical Boost.
  4. Once we base the hair, the next step is to protect the hair by using a styling gel, cream, or mousse. This step insures the longevity of the style.  Opt for products that contain anti humectants (frizz controlling”> which protect the hair from expanding and frizzing.

This summer let’s switch up our normal routine and get ready for that hot sunny weather. The only thing different about this year, frizz is not going to be a factor. Because your curls will be ready to take on that humidity!

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