By: Jennifer Kenny, The Curl Girl 

Everyone who attended the Curly Pool Party surely had a blast. I know I did! U R Curly was doing some amazing braids and coily styles, the Ouidad team looked adorable in their reddish pink gauzy flowing skirts while they rocked the rake and shakes, showing off their new Climate Control products and styling cremes. Shea Moisture was on hand with their too-good-to-be-true smelling, all natural bath and body line, as well as hair goodies. Amika added flair with their gorgeous color scheme and their nourishing oils and sprays and some fun hot tools for those times when you’re just in the mood to mix it up.

Can we just talk about the goody bags for a minute? OMG. I almost choked on my Pina Curlada. Full sizes of all kinds of goodies! Mini’s that made me swoon! Our sponsors HOOKED US UP. Guests were tweeting, Instagramming, and Facebooking like mad with #curlypool for a chance to win even more swag for their bags.

It was super hot at the venue — shocker since it’s June in Florida — but there was plenty of shade in the cabanas and the pool was seriously breathtaking. Watching all those curls bounce fearlessly in the water was so great to see — fewer things make me happier than seeing curl power in action. Modern Salon was on hand to interview Michelle and help spread the curly love as well!

On a personal note, it was so great to see Ana from Ouidad! Ana taught me how to carve and slice, and rake and shake and didn’t kill me, even though I thought she was getting tired of my cornball antics near the end of the class. While I’ve since had the opportunity to work with Ouidad’s team, and even Ouidad herself (swoon), I haven’t seen Ana since I attended my first training at the flagship salon in NYC. I was not only able to give her a big hug and thank her, but I also showed off a bunch of my work in person thanks to my awesome clients who ("ahem") took the plunge and attended. I’m sure everyone who attended felt jazzed about their curls when they left. As a stylist, getting to hang out with my awesome peers was like a refreshing spritz of Botanical Boost for my professional soul.

Thanks, Ouidad, U R Curly, Amika, Shea Moisture and all of the attendees. A good time was had by all. Let’s do it again soon!