Curly hair rules every summer. Your natural glory is the easiest go-to style of the season, and Beautiful Textures has you covered. Their new hydrating line is perfect for seasoned naturals and newbie transitioners looking for moisture, definition and affordability.  Whether your spirals poof, perk up, or spring joyfully, here are a few curly hair tips for getting the most out your locks this upcoming season.

  1. Mind your roots: Naturalistas have to often fight severe frizz in more humid months, which means you should switch up your finger-styling techniques. Make sure to apply a little more product at your roots to avoid the dreaded swell. Apply Curl Control Defining Pudding and keep a spray bottle handy for misting.
  2. Pre-swim potion: A swim cap is nice, but a layer of conditioner is even better. Apply a generous amount of Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner twenty minutes before hopping into the pool to create a protective barrier against harsh chlorine.
  3. Combat the sun: It’s incredibly important to moisturize during dry, cold winter months, and equally as important to shield your tresses from the sun. Use Moisture Butter as a hydrating coat for parched to normal hair.
  4. Keep it straight: If you heat-style, the fear of “reverting back” in the middle of a fabulous brunch is nothing less than scary. If you’re a chronic flat-ironer (which most of you won’t admit), slick on a little Curly to Straight Flatiron Silkener before styling to help fight humidity.
  5. The ultimate co-wash: Traditionally, a co-wash is a moisturizing wash using a little conditioner, but busy summer days require more. Between an influx of sweat, trips to the beach and a generally more active lifestyle, your mane needs more a of a cleanser. Add a little Shine and Silken Growth Oil to Tangle Taming Shampoo. The cocktail has the same benefits as a co-wash, but more thoroughly washes away dirt.

How will you protect your curls this summer?