Nikki was looking for a fun way to spice up her hair color this summer without damaging her natural curls, so she decided to use a semi-permanent hair color just on her ends.

Semi-permanent means that there is no bleach in the product, so it won't lighten your hair (which can be very damaging, especially to curly hair). Nikki liked the ammonia-free peroxide-free formula of Bigen and went with their Intensive Ruby RedAs you can see the color is fun and vibrant, even without lightening her hair first. Plus, it washes out after 2-3 weeks so it's a low-commitment way to experiment with color!

To apply the color Nikki first divided her hair into 4 sections and then braided them, it doesn't have to be perfect. Using gloves, she applied the color to the ends of her braids and let sit for 25 minutes. When she rinsed her hair out she was left with gorgeous red ends and healthy curls.

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