Going natural has proved itself to be more than just a fad. It has become a movement that women across the world are plunging into. From radical transformations, like doing the “big chop,” to slower transitions in becoming natural, it has become a concept that will be forever embedded in society.

The natural hair movement is important to women and society not just because of its undeniable benefits, but because it has created some much needed camaraderie among all women. We are now all connected by this journey to unleashing our true selves and knocking down modern society’s standards of beauty and “looking good.”

The natural hair movement appealed to me because it reminded me of my true beauty and appreciation for my God-given natural hair. No longer did I feel compelled to harm my hair with chemicals and permanently change who I was to fit into a mold of beauty. This movement was a powerful and positive change in the right direction for not just black women, but all women.

Natural hair is slowing making its premiere on the runway because just like natural hair, the runway has many trends of which seem to now include a lot of minimalism. I see more natural hair to come on the runway from all ethnicities. Designers seem to be going with more simple, carefree styles for the upcoming season. I’m excited to see this come to fruition!

For me, getting to go "Texture on the Runway" is an opportunity of a lifetime for which I am forever grateful! I look forward to bringing the NaturallyCurly.com audience all the latest and behind the scene action live from the event by getting all the details directly from the models, stylists and industry leaders themselves.

Go team natural!