Texture Perspective: Cassidy Blackwell

2012-06-07 14:52:43

Texture Perspective: Cassidy Blackwell

Meet Cassidy Blackwell, our 4A Texture Perspective writer.

NC: What's the BEST advice you ever got about your curly hair?

CB: Treat it like a cashmere sweater!  Seriously. Echoing what I wrote above, the best thing I can do is to use gentle cleansers and maintain my curls with a ton of care.

NC: What are some of your go to's — styles, methods, tools, etc?

CB: My Ouidad Double Detangler. Scrunchies and a sleep cap. A super creamy conditioner. Some sort of styler that combines moisture and hold like Jane Carter Curl Defining CreamHair Rules Curly Whip, or DevaCurl Heaven in Hair. I like to apply products on soaking wet hair and let air dry.  Doing my hair takes a matter of 5-10 minutes.

NC: Tell us about YOU — what makes you unique?

CB: I live in a very eclectic city (San Francisco), and beyond that, I'm constantly traveling and engaging with diverse people and cultures. As a result, I live a colorful life and draw my creative inspirations from a lot of different places.

NC: What are you favorite things? What are you passionate about? Nail polish? Fashion? Shoes? Books?

CB: Dresses. I absolutely despise wearing pants and as a result I have a pretty rocking wardrobe filled with all different styles of dresses.  I tend to collect them like people collect shoes or art.  I love buying them vintage or having them made because they're one-of-a-kind pieces custom fit to me.  Some only get worn once or twice a year, but it's hard for me to let them go.  They're like a tangible archive of my life.  I'm headed home soon to Minnesota and I'm thinking I want to pay a visit to my old debutante dress!

I also love blogging (obvi) and photography (natch) and spend a lot of time having fun with both.

NC: What do you do for fun?

CBFun fact: I own three grades of professional hula hoops and can do a lot of tricks on them. You know, hooping around my shoulders, around my knees, some moves involve some jumping and tossing. I've had to take a bit of time to learn how to do all this stuff over the past few years, but hooping makes me smile, so no complaints!

I also love riding my bike! My bike is named Lady Lavender and she is such a gem. We spend a lot of time zipping up and down the hills of San Francisco. It’s awesome!

NC: What's going on in your life right now? Moving, relationship, etc?

CB: There's a lot going on in the world of curl these days, so you can expect that I'll be on a plane checking it all out!

NC: What is your username?

CB: cassadie3. I’m not on the forums that much these days, but I do write a bunch so make sure to check out my articles!

Meet the fourth of the four Texture Perspective ladies today!

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So shrunken that it was practically growing back into my follicles. I absolutely feel your pain, LOL! Hilarious.