After Wearing her Locs for 14 Years Find Out Why It Was Time for a Big Chop

When did you decide to grow your locs? Did something or someone inspire you? How long did you grow your hair out?

I decided to start my locs at the age of 13. Both my parents didn’t mind me growing out my natural hair. My mom helped me start them. Having locs for me was liberating.

I’ve always been intrigued by the hairstyle and the way every other persons locs differ by their hair type. Locs are beautiful, it’s so unique and can’t fully be copied. I had my loc babies for 14 3/4yrs and grew to 38 1/2 inches! When I decided to grow my locs @nerissaneferteri became my inspiration. She maintained an elegance about her locs which I’ve admired throughout the years.


After Wearing her Locs for 14 Years Find Out Why It Was Time for a Big Chop

What made you want to big chop? Can you describe that experience and what it meant to you?

To be honest I felt it in my spirit. When you know, you know and you can’t shake it. 

I never expected to ever cut them short, much less off entirely. 

I began getting this compelling feeling that it was time for a change; a new chapter. I didn’t particularly get fed up of my loc babies but it was more about transitioning into a new season in my life to realign with my purpose. So for a few months, I thought about it and I prayed about it. I mentally prepared because my locs are very sentimental to me. I even had two photoshoots done of my locs to make sure I had these memories documented to the very end. Making time to process and accept the evolution made it easier to handle. When I finally made my big chop I was actually at peace. Surprisingly I didn’t have a meltdown lol. 

Short Cut Inspiration: I ran across @mrs_tahirah page on ig while considering my Big Chop and immediately fell in love with her short cut styles. I must say this queen’s gracefulness with her styles was definitely instrumental in my deciding factor. Also, my barber Mr. Kutz @krewkutz made my big chop experience beyond anything I could’ve imagined, I felt very comfortable and I feel like choosing the correct person to execute is important. I’m very grateful it all aligned for me. I’m absolutely happy with my decision!


What’s your curly girl essential you can’t live without?

My curly girl essential I can’t live without is my Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss Gelee and Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner with the Cantu Define & Shine Custard.

After Wearing her Locs for 14 Years Find Out Why It Was Time for a Big Chop

What has been the most empowering moment of your natural hair journey so far? 

Maybe over the years as my locs grew longer I realized most people’s focus of me was initially placed on my locs and I began indirectly hiding beneath them, if not hiding then definitely using them to define myself. When people saw me, they saw my hair first. I even used them to define myself and my name on social media. I feel as though I have nothing to hide behind now that my hair is short, curly and natural and I’m now seen before people see my hair. That in itself is empowering, to be seen just as yourself without any conclusions. As women, we are more than our hair natural or locs and we should be seen for our complexities. I have the opportunity now to grow into more than the “woman with great locs” and I can choose to create a new version of myself with my natural hair.

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