Michelle bozo

How would you best describe your hair?

Naturally Curly

What is your hair type?


What was it like for you growing up with textured hair?

I was a curly girl growing up in a straight-haired world. I always wanted a ponytail that swished. The boys in my middle school class called me Bozo. I was ashamed of my curly hair and did everything possible to try to straighten it.

What made you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

When I moved to Texas, the humidity made it impossible to straighten my hair any longer and I decided it was time to make peace with my curls. Best decision I ever made!

How have your family, friends and co-workers reacted? What was your response to them?

People LOVED it! Almost universally, they wondered why I hadn't worn it curly before. At my high school reunion, people told me I looked like Andie McDowell.

How did you transition to wearing your natural texture?

I started off by blowing out my bangs and letting the back go curly. Then I wore the front back with a headband. Finally, I just let it all go curly.


What is your current hair regimen?

Shampoo, conditioner, Apply styling product (usually a styling cream) when it's soaking wet and scrunch with a microfiber towel. Then diffuse.

Are there any techniques or methods that have made a big impact on the way your hair looks?

Applying styling product when it was soaking wet and diffusing were game changers for me.

Any advice you’d like to give other women who may be in the transition phase or need some encouragement in their hair journey?

Find a good stylist who has experience working with curls. Experiment with a lot of styling products in all kinds of combinations. Don't be afraid to go up to people with curls you like and ask them where they get their hair cut and what products/techniques they use. And of course, check out NaturallyCurly on a daily basis for the latest tips and products!

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