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Image :@_saltycurls

What was it like for you growing up with textured hair?

It was quite interesting as I was the only one in my immediate family who had curly hair and the only one in my extended family who never straightened or treated my hair. My parents always expressed how beautiful my hair was and helped me be confident. But the first time I ever straightened my hair, I was like 15. Boys kept telling me I looked better with straight hair. So I started doing it more & more. I felt like I looked messy when my hair wasn't straight.

What made you decide to embrace your naturally curly hair?

I cut my hair very short, and all of a sudden my curls revived!! People started commenting on my hair, I started loving the way my curls were growing and I decided no more heat! 

How have your family, friends, and co-workers reacted? What was your response to them? 

My family has always loved my hair! This has really helped me love it as well. In fact, my dad always wants my hair to be "bigger"! It's so much easier to deal with "different" hair when you have people around you constantly making you feel better about it! I also feel like right now everyone is really appreciating textured hair and volume!

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How did you transition to wearing your natural texture? 

I always did. I was just never comfortable with it. I didn't feel put together if my hair was curly, but now I feel weird if my hair isn't curly!

What is your current hair regimen? 

Lost of hair masks, moisturizing, leave-in conditioners, diffusing, finger coils, and love!

Are there any techniques or methods that have made a big impact on the way your hair looks? 

Diffusing for sure.

Any advice you’d like to give other women who may be in the transition phase or need some encouragement in their hair journey?

Textured hair, in my opinion, is the most amazing hair. It's not possible for it to be boring. It's fun, fluffy, big, bold, and it's beautiful! Care for it and love it because many wish they had the gorgeous hair you have!

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