No matter your curl type one thing women can agree on is - we love versatility! Until recently, most of us would rely on a flat iron or curling iron to provide us with a new look. Thankfully, the beauty industry has made major progress in efforts to create heatless techniques that replace these harmful tools that damage our hair. If you've been on the hunt for a way to add volume to your hair without using heat, look no further Curlformers is here to give you the curls you deserve.

Curlformers is a heatless curling tool that creates a variety of curls, from ringlet spirals to loose-barrel waves. Curlformers is one of our featured brands for Texture on the Runway 2017, powered by Sally Beauty. Recently, I had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with them to find out what they have planned for Texture on the Runway, essential tips to create perfect curls and what new products they're releasing to give you those curls that even Beyonce would be jealous of!

Whether you have poker straight hair or tight corkscrew curls, Curlformers™ provides you with a hair-friendly, easy way to create versatile and beautiful curls.

We at Curlformers™ encourage women of all ages, hair types and textures to explore ways they can display their personality through their hairstyles. We're currently celebrating our 10th anniversary, encouraging women worldwide to celebrate with us, using their Curlformers™ to help bring to life #10yearsofkindercurls. Influencers globally are working with us, to create fun, inspired content that captures their favourite curl decades from the 1900s-2000s with Curlformers™ too. We want to inspire fans worldwide, to grab their favorite Curlformers™ or try them for the first time, to embrace the healthy hair movement with us.

TOTR allows us to showcase and put these unique tools in the hands of women who care about their hair care routine and are willing to invest in the best for their hair.

Hair Flair, the brand behind innovative tools such as Curlformers™ has been inspiring natural haired women with or without a glorious crown of curls, to embrace their texture and add definition and length with a tool that requires no heat damage, helping promote happier, healthier hair. We're loving naturally curly hair and we want our fans to be curlspired to pick up our unique, patented, healthy tool for themselves, add it to their routine and to experiment with their hair – celebrating it in all its glory and embracing what it truly means to be 'proud to be curly.'

We want to inspire nostalgia through our collection, runway models and showcase of healthy hair that can be recreated in the comfort of one's own home.

We want viewers to see how easy it is to create gorgeous curls on natural hair, whether that's adding some more volume, extra definition or restoring their hair health. When people see our collection, we want fans to be curlspired to switch up their looks to ensure their curls never look dull. Curlformers offer women versatility, so no matter what their personality, style or mood, viewers can let their curls define them!

What's New at Curlformers?

Curlformers by Hair Flair has recently revived its iconic Classic Curlformers with your favourite Curlformers still available in three widths and varying lengths, spanning corkscrew, spiral and barrel curls, but now in a luxurious satin pink bag.

You'll also see our award winning, patented SoftHood Dryer attachment to help speed up the drying process when using Curlformers with gentle heat. Lastly, the newest addition to the Hair Flair range is our new hair brushes that contain Tourmaline Ionic Technology to create smooth, shiny hair whilst sealing in moisture to counteract frizz. You can find Curlformers products at Sally Beauty, our exclusive retailer sponsor for Texture on the Runway 2017.

#1 tip when using Curlformers

Always apply Curlformers to damp, towel-dried hair and ensure hair is completely dry before removing to achieve gorgeous, glossy curls with no heat damage.

We're loving the comeback of retro corkscrew curls gently teased out, taking centre stage.

Not only do the wild tresses give you 'I woke up like this' vibes that even Beyoncé would be proud of, the curls give us a look we can all work this season. Versatility at its best! Attendees can recreate the look using a mixture of Curlformers Classics Corkscrew and Spiral Curlformers. We encourage all our fans to check out our Instagram page@curlformersofficial and Insta Shop to shop their favorite look.

At TOTR, Curlformers™ encourages attendees to love the curls they're in and to let their curls define them.

Curlformers™ set out to inspire others to embrace the healthy hair movement and to be kind to their hair. Curlformers™ offer fans the versatility to switch up their look without the heat damage – being able to showcase their personality through their hair and what they stand for.

Have you tried Curlformers? Share your thoughts below!

This post is ponsored by Curlformers.