Get Ready for Texture On the Runway with coolcalmcurly

New York Fashion Week is just days away and that means our annual Texture On the Runway is practically here! Don’t ask us what we’re wearing; we don’t know yet! But since it’s coming up fast, I spoke with AnnMarie of @coolcalmcurly who always looks amazing.

Texture On the Runway, powered by Sally Beauty, is the place to see and be seen in the curly hair community, so you want to make sure you look and feel your best (and so do your curls”>. AnnMarie was part of our Texture On the Runway influencer squad last year and will be again this year, so I knew she’d have expert insights on how best to prepare.

You’ve been part of the TOTR influencer squad before. What stood out to you about this event?

It was above and beyond most of the typical Fashion Week shows that you see. Everyone was a bit futuristic with the hairstyles, and with the fashion itself — it just didn’t seem like your average show. What stood out about the crowd was that everyone came runway-ready. You would think that just the models would have their hair and their clothes styled for the runway, but the attendees themselves came to show out. It wasn’t just the people on the runway who had the Fashion Week vibe; everyone came out as if they were walking on the runway themselves.

Do you know what you want to wear yet?

I’m still trying to clue in on an outfit, but as far as hair I definitely wanna channel my inner SZA, especially for Fashion Week. I feel like I’m gonna do that big, lioness hair with big, tousled curls. Nothing too neat or uniform. I want it out there, messy, and wild.

What are your go-to products to get that look?

I’ll use Mielle and Camille Rose Naturals for my prepping, cleansing and conditioning. Then I’ll definitely be using my Jane Carter Solution — that gets me by on a lot of styles so I’ll be incorporating those because I have so many. I like to start out with their leave-in and then I’ll probably pull from their Curls to Go line for the styler. Their Coiling All Curls is an amazing gel that gives me really good hold.

I always like to keep my makeup more on the natural side, so I don’t think I’m going to be going for super glam. If anything, I want something that’s still gonna look natural, just enhance my natural features as is. I’m definitely going to be making sure I have my highlight on point and making sure my foundation is set for all lights, but I’m going for a more natural subtle glam this year.

What must-have items or products do you bring in your purse the night of? 

I’ll probably have a travel-size Jamaican black castor oil, and of course a hair pick and a few bobby pins. I also like to keep a lip gloss, white liner to touch up throughout the night, and my mascara.

I’ve never thought to bring white liner with me before but that’s a good idea.

That lower water line fades so easily, and I like to use the white to make your eyes pop when you’re taking pictures. So I like to keep some waterliner with me so I can make sure my eyes are looking big and bright all night.

Do you have any advice for first-time TOTR attendees?

I have two main pieces of advice. The first is to show up and show out. Like I said it’s not just the people on the runway who come in these amazing outfits with amazing hair — everyone comes in their Sunday best. So even if you are just attending, still come in your best dressed as if you were gonna be on that runway walking in front of everyone. My second piece of advice is that even though I think you should show up and show out, you should definitely be comfortable. It’s not one of those events where everyone’s sitting down looking pretty; it’s an interactive event and a very social event. So come in your best dressed but be comfortable because you’ll be on your feet, walking around, talking to other people, and checking out the vendors and products at the booths. You’ll be making your way around the event socializing with all the other beautiful women there so be ready to be on your feet.

What’s your favorite part of the event?

I’m most excited to see the ideas and looks that the brands bring to life. A lot of us prepare for fashion week all year, so I’m definitely excited to see everyone’s ideas and creativity come to life. That’s what makes Texture On the Runway what it is. It’s not basic hairstyles you see every day, or outfits that you see every day. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s creativity and vision come to life and to see some Black Girl Magic grace that runway.

I’m super excited for every single Texture On the Runway; it’s always an event to remember, so I’m just excited to be a part of it again this year.

Tune in tomorrow on our Facebook and Instagram to see the show live!

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