Beth Minardi

The stylist team from Minardi Luxury Color Care is coming together to create what they are calling “The Freedom Collection” for "Texture on the Runway." Beth Minardi, Mark Mileti and Steven will each be putting their own interpretation and spin on the overall theme for the brand. Here, we bring you a sneak peak inside their stylist mind – only days before the big event!

Steven on Style

Mary Kate Olsen is the muse for my downtown Soho chic girl. Kim Kardashian inspires my Upper East Side girl, glamorous with a twist. Also a source of inspiration: Sofia Loren — reborn! I’ll add a classic chocolate brown for every girl from any generation. I see big hair for sashaying on the runway; big hair and small, tight curls.

The past is a major inspiration. Reinventing the diva is a theme throughout this collection. The 60s, 70s and 80s have been combined. The curling style mirrors the clothing of the 60s, 70s and 80s, it is very colorful, youthful. I like the juxtaposition of Downtown meets Uptown and this is a common thread in all of my work.

We will use Minardi styling products: Abundance volumizing Foam for volume up, Subdue Frizz Restraining Crème for smoothing the hair. We will use Minardi Pieces Pomade and Joico Dry Wax Spray to create texture. I will use a straight razor to slice into the hair, pulling it toward my body horizontally to create movement and reduce choppy layers. After that, I will use scissors to cut vertically to clean up the ends with a slight point cut to make sure the ends are not too wispy. This prevents frizziness.

Beth and Mark on Color

This is a bold approach to cut and color that favors any shade a woman chooses, yet the shades are sophisticated and refined. Super shine is an important part of hair color. Great inspiration from classic film and from woman who dared to make a statement: Wallis Simpson, Marilyn, Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Christina Hendricks, Jean Shrimpton, Sharon Tate, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

  • We will hydrate the hair deeply with Wash 3 and After Wash 3.
  • A lot of Vero KPak Chrome color in deeper jewel tones and a velvety, dramatic brown. I will focus a lot on rich color.
  • I want to infuse the hair with color: color in, rather than color out.
  • Minardi Pre Wash Therapy will be applied to the mid-shaft to the ends of each model’s hair during their color service.

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