What does ‘feeling beautiful’ mean to you?

The awesome thing about the word beauty is that it has billions of unique definitions for the billions of unique humans walking this earth. And while only part of being beautiful might have something to do with physical appearance, feeling totally confident and comfortable in your own skin and natural hair are equally as important as embracing that glow from within. As naturally curly haired people, the health our hair plays a huge factor in how we determine our own self-confidence in all its beauty.

Mielle Organics is a hair care company that believes healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair. With best sellers like Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner, Avocado Hair Milk, White Peony Leave in Conditioner, and of course everyone’s favorite multipurpose powerhouse, Mint Almond Oil, we’ve seen Mielle Organics’ founder and CEO, Monique Rodriguez, go from budding social media mommy entrepreneur to being the face and vehicle behind one of the natural hair care industry’s heaviest hitters. If you’ve ever seen a photo of Monique, you will immediately have noticed how long and healthy her hair is. Maintaining long hair that looks and feels healthy is not easy so you may have wondered, how does she do it? This is how.

Monique’s top tips for healthy hair growth

  1. Be consistent. Monique mentions on her YouTube channel that she keeps her hair routine the same, washing every two weeks with a sulfate-free shampoo and deep conditioning once a week. “I co-wash maybe every 3 to 4 days,” she says, in order to give curls a break in between shampoos.
  2. Trim your hair. Monique does this once every year although she notes that it depends on your specific hair type and amount of damage. From six weeks to every three months, the frequency of getting a hair trim varies on your personal regimen and natural state.
  3. Take your vitamins. Mielle Organics has a bottle of healthy hair vitamins to “give you an extra boost with hair growth,” according to Monique. Additionally, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to nourish it and encourage growth.
  4. Eliminate direct heat usage. Damage, split ends, overprocessing… Monique says you can stay away from these things. She says she uses heat maybe every 6 months with a bonnet dryer since it is not direct heat.
  5. Keep your hands out of your hair. Constantly creating tension on your scalp and edges by pulling and tugging will cause damage and possibly hair loss, so keep your manipulation to a minimum.

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