Curly haired girl with flowers in her hair

The overall theme that we decided to create for the "Texture On The Runway" hairstyles consists of full texture with braids and curls. The inspiration for this look would be from the Victorian and King Edward period because the hair of this period was physically done and styled to create particular looks. The techniques that will be showcased will include braiding, iron styling and hot tools to create a certain type of curl.

When coloring the hair we have decided to use strawberry blondes and dirty blondes because of the time period.

The reason why we have chosen this era in the past for inspiration, the Victorian/King Edward period, is because we want to feature a modern twist on style to take something from the past and make it relevant and beautiful for the present.

In terms of what we will be using for cutting and texture would be highly textured cutting techniques infused with multidimensional colors. The products we will be using are the new Matrix Total Results Miracles.

The wardrobe and makeup that will be visible on the models would be directly influenced by the Victorian Era with a couture finish to complete the overall look. Matrix Artist Directors: Daniel Roldan and Nick Stenson.

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