When I decided to transition from relaxed to natural hair three years ago, the big question for me was how I would style my hair. In the beginning on my transition, I kept my hair straight, until I realized how that wasn’t 100% healthy — I was going to natural so my hair could be healthier, and I didn’t want to make that process any harder! So just how do you style your hair when you’re working with two different hair textures? It’s not easy, but Naturally Curly put together a list of hairstyles you can rock before your hair is entirely natural. Check out the styles below!

1. Braidouts:

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Image Source: @tiana.my

Braidouts were my go-to when I was transitioning because the style made it look like my hair was entirely natural! The products you use to do a braidout is important, because they help with definition, especially with your straight hair. I recommend the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream.

2. Bantu Knot Out:

Image Source: @naturallycurly

This was my second favorite style to rock when I was transitioning. Like a braid out, bantu knot outs helps your hair look curly all around, and you can’t really notice where your new growth stops and your straight hair begins!

3. Half-Up, Half-Down:

Image Source: @christinadotnicole

On those second or third day twistouts or braidouts, doing a half updo can be a quick style to do when your hair isn’t as defined as when you took your braids or twists out, but you’re not ready to re-do it!

4. Braided Top Knot:

Image Source: @essie_n

This is a simple style that doesn’t involve braiding or twisting your hair in order to achieve a look. It’s simple, yet you can dress it up or down!

5. Space Buns:

Image Source: @tiana_my

An out-of-this-world look for those looking to add something a little different to their routine! To help slick down your edges, I recommend using the Carols Daughter Black-Vanilla Edge Control!

6. Twisted Crown:

Image Source: @essie_n

Here’s another style that’s quick to do if you’re in a rush or you don’t feel like doing a full-on braidout or twistout nor do you need any product to hold it together. At most, moisturize your hair and scalp with with avacado or CBD oil!

7. Wrap it up!

Image Source: @msjasminerose

Aside from wrapping the actual wrap (you can watch our tutorial here), hair wraps an easy way to not only style a look, but also keep your hair underwraps if you’re having one of those days where your curls just won’t cooperate.

8. Box Braids:

Image Source: @_enferrujada

Many people opt for protective styles during their transition, and box braids are a great way to show-off a new style, while letting your natural hair grow for a few weeks without manipulation.

9. Senegalese Twists: 

Image Source: @focuss_moore

Senegalese Twists have been a popular protective style for awhile, and there’s a reason for it --- they are cute!

10. Braided Back Ponytail:

Image Source: @ukcurlygirl

This is a low-maintenance style you can do and it’s still cute!

11. Low Bun:

Image Source: @paucahantashair_

A low-bun is always a safe move for transitioning folks. You can either keep it casual, or dress it up with a variety of hair accessories to make it stand out.

12. Braided Ponytail:

Image Source: @lipstickncurls

Another protective style for the summer that you can rock, especially when you don’t want to deal with the humidity messing with both your hair textures.

13. Double Braided Crown:

Image Source: @shyinstar

One of my personal go-to’s when I was feeling lazy was a double braided crown. It’s easy to transition from day to night, and it doesn’t take long to do!

14. Feed-in ponytail:

Image Source: @cicistyles_

If you’d like to keep your hands off your hair for a bit (trust me, it happens!), then this is a great style to rock.

15. Faux Bangs and a Bun:

Image Source: @adannamadueke

This look is one of my favorites for those who want to try out bangs, but maybe don’t want to take the leap just yet --- especially when you’re transitioning. Instead, opt for a faux banged bun, where you can achieve “bangs” by either twisting or bantu-knoting your hair in the front.

Are you still transitioning? Which style are you going to try next? Let us know in the comments below!