curly black hairIt’s no secret…

Apply heat to your hair repeatedly and it will ultimately result in damaged hair. But not every curly girl knows the telltale signs of heat damage, and if you do not recognize the signs, you will not be able to bounce back!

Here are five ways to identify heat-damaged hair, along with a few ways to begin repairing your tresses.

1. Excessive breakage

If your hair is falling out or “shedding” more than usual (it’s normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day”>, blame the heat! Hair that is dry and brittle tends to break easily.

2. Split ends

Split ends are caused by dryness and harsh treatment…and they are irreversible! The only way to treat split ends is to trim them off.

Learn how to snip your split ends using this eating utensil (it’s super easy and convenient”>.

3. Unmanageable hair

Is your hair becoming difficult to style? Have you noticed flyaways? These are also signs of damaged hair, as breakage makes your hair harder to manage.

4. Curls don’t “snap back”

Pull gently on a strand of hair and let go. Does it return to your original curl pattern? Or is that strand of hair permanently altered? Heat-damaged hair won’t always return to its natural state, even after being washed!

5. High porosity

Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to absorb moisture (water, products, etc”>. High porosity hair indicates that the hair cuticles have been exposed to severe damage.


you can test your hair’s porosity the next time you wash your hair. Simply grab a strand of hair and drop it into a glass of water. Hair that immediately sinks to the bottom of the glass is of high porosity.

To sum it up

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to take a break from the heat and focus on getting your hair back to a healthy state! Begin by trimming your split ends, and then focus on re-moisturizing your hair with butters, oils, and deep conditioning treatments. Avoid drying out your hair with hair dyes and excessive washing.

Remember, it will take time to repair the damage! Do not expect progress overnight.

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