Are you itching for a new summer haircut? Get curly bangs.


The notion of it being impossible to have bangs when your hair is curly never crossed my mind when I started rocking mine.

curly bangs tutorial

Rocking curly bangs can sometimes be tedious because it requires a little extra time with styling--if you are looking to try out the curly bangs style this summer, make sure you are ready for the commitment. 

The notion of it being impossible to have bangs when your hair is curly never crossed my mind when I started rocking mine. I wanted to try something different, I am so glad I did. 

Back with a bang

Despite the extra styling time, I actually love having bangs! In the video below, I show you how to achieve the most defined look by sectioning off bangs into smaller sections than you would the rest of your hair when you’re evenly distributing product. You want to finger curl each section after applying product to get this ultra defined look.

style feen woman with curly bangs


1. Add styling product to your entire head of freshly conditioned hair and section off your bangs.

2. Use plastic clips to further divide your bangs into its natural individual clumps.

3. Finger curl using DevaCurl Supercream and Bounce Curl Light Gel for definition.

3. Take down your sections and diffuse to blend your bangs in with your entire head.

4. Put the back of your hair into a pineapple, leaving your front bangs out.

There are various ways you can rock your own curly bangs, from the side part to the pineapple-fringe combo.Whichever way you choose to wear your bangs depends on you. On short to medium length curly hair, each look is superb for the summer--it’s all about what fits your personality and what you’re looking to achieve that day.

curly bangs hairstyle

How I rock my curly bangs

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I love my fringe (that's what they call a "bangs" in England.) I've always had one because, for me, it frames my face better than my hair being took off my forehead.