Check out these tips on how to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.

Relaxed hair

Many women transition with visions of loose hanging curls or tightly coiled afros

3. Be open-minded. So many of us have been getting our hair relaxed so long that we have totally disconnected with our natural hair texture. We’re conditioned to get a touch-up as soon as the “nappy” roots begin to peek out. Many women transition with visions of loose hanging curls or tightly coiled afros in their mind's eye, while their natural texture may not be able to accommodate those styles. It is important for transitioners to be open-minded about what their actual texture will be so as not to be disappointed if their texture is not the one of their dreams.

4. Be observant. Are you paying attention? Did you notice how your natural roots and your relaxed hair responded to your last deep-conditioning treatment? Are you losing more hair than normal when you detangle? Is your hair drier? What are the differences in the feel of your natural versus relaxed hair? Transitioners must be extra observant in order to effectively manage both textures. Being observant helps you keep your hair healthy and have a successful transition because you will…

5. Be flexible. Paying attention to both textures is key in flexibility. Being flexible is key in retaining two healthy textures on your head. If you’re flexible, you’ll quickly change up a product that doesn’t work well for one of your textures and avoid damage. You’ll also switch up styling options that no longer work for both textures. You’ll need to have a variety of styles that allow both textures to coexist happily. This means you’ll either make the relaxed ends curly or the natural roots straight.

If you’ve got these five attributes, you’ll have an easier, more rewarding transition and reach your goal with less stress. Good luck on your journey.

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Ok - this photo is not the photo I commented on. The previous photo was a mixed race or hispanic appearing female.

I think it would be more helpful to transitioners if this site would stop showing photos of girls with 2 or 3 long curly or wavy hair. I think it causes dissatisfaction to see her, go through the transition and realize nothing you do will make your hair like that except more chemicals.

I had two different hair cuts for the longest time, and it was so annoying to deal with. Although I don't regret "destroying" my hair, I won't ever do anything of the sort again. When I got 6-8" of hair, I cut off all the ugly hair and started to rock a short do. Now I totally love and appreciate my curls alot more