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I big chopped two years ago and decided to get my hair cut in a pixie. Although I have enjoyed my sleek short hair cut, I think I’m over the “short hair don’t care” season of my life and I’m ready to let my hair grow out. Currently, my hair is a variety of lengths and curl patterns, so it can be frustrating to style my hair at times. If you’re a short curly like me growing your hair out or transitioning and in need of some inspiration, here’s what helps me to own the in-between stages of my curly hair chronicles.

Protective Styles

This summer I started experimenting with protective styles and now I’m obsessed with trying out new hairstyles! It’s so easy to get comfortable with a hairstyle, but there are so many options for your try, so I encourage you to be open to change and try something new. One of the braided hairstyles I tried was the feed-in ponytail with gold cuffs, which was great for my summer vacation trip to Belize.

A few weeks after that, I tried the fulani braids with beads, which I got for my New York trip to Afropunk. These were definitely a fave, but to be completely honest the braids that came to the front kept getting in the way when I washed my face or slept, so definitely keep that in mind when trying a style like this. Ask yourself, are you more focused on fashion or functionality?

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If you’re in need of a quick fix and don’t want to spend too much time or money, wrap it up! Headwraps are definitely one of my go-to’s when my hair isn’t cooperating. If I’m in a rush or the humidity kills my vibe, then I can quickly grab one of my colorful headwraps to complete my look. Headwraps are great for any season, plus there are so many different ways to tie one.

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If headwraps are new to your styling repertoire, check out this video.

Finger Coil Method

I feel like I’m officially the finger coil queen! Seriously, this is my go-to method for blending in the shorter strands, plus it defines my curls like no other. My hair has been growing a lot lately, but it tends to be very uneven with so many different curl patterns. It can be tough to style at times, especially since the front is long and the sides are short.

Here’s my finger coiling method step-by-step:

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Own Every Stage

Remember, direction is so much more important than speed. Don’t get caught up on what other curlies are doing, do what works for you! The more familiar you become with your hair’s needs, the easier it is to know how to maneuver along your natural hair journey successfully. Like any journey, it’s important to set realistic goals, pace yourself, keep an optimistic mindset and celebrate your progress.

I’m planning on getting a sew-in next, which is right on time to switch up my look for fall. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how I care for my natural hair and scalp, and how I maintain the hair extensions. I’m also planning on sharing how to style my extensions to blend in with my natural hair, so stay tuned for more!

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