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There is a host of concerns when someone chooses to transition from relaxed to natural hair, from what products to use to how to wear your curls, coils, and waves. Whether you are transitioning or already working with your natural texture, frizz is common concern. Marciacounts asks about transitioning and frizz control in Curly Q&A and it is right on time. 


How do I control frizz while transitioning? I'm transitioning from relaxed hair and I haven't put heat to it in over 3 months and haven't used a relaxer in over a year! I've been perm rod and flexi rodding but after a few days I tend to have a frizz problem! What can I use?


You are off to an excellent start on a healthy hair transitioning path by eliminating heat from your regimen, so congrats on that. As far as frizz becoming an issue with your perm flexi rod sets, here are some tips for more longevity and less frizz.

Detangle fully

Before setting your hair, make sure it is fully detangled to ensure smooth results. Never rush through your detangling session, as it will only make for a less smooth look and feel to your hair.

Use taut techniques

You are working with two (or more) different textures when transitioning. To ensure that roots to the ends are smooth and consistent, extend your sections taut when wrapping or rolling the hair on the rods. You can be gentle and make sure the hair is wrapped smoothly and evenly for a firm set that will last longer and stave off the frizz.

Use proper setting products

Back in the day everyone knew to use Lottabody setting lotion for the perfect roller set. Setting lotions are designed to be used on wet hair so the hair sets how it dries. They really are the best product for setting your hair and for less frizz in the days to come. Make sure you get one specifically for roller sets (can be used on perm or flexi rods too) and you will see a huge difference in the lasting of your curls as well as less frizz.

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Hair needs to be 100% dry

Make sure your hair is completely dry before removing rods and rollers. Allow your hair to dry overnight or even sit under a hooded dryer in the morning or before bed. When you release your curls before they are dry, your hair will respond to the humidity by shrinking and expanding to frizz.

Protect hair at night

Satin or silk will become your best friend for eliminating frizz while you sleep. A satin, scarf, or pillowcase is necessary to keep hair moisturized and curls staying frizz-free. Cotton scarves and pillowcase will absorb moisture from your hair, making it dry and prone to breakage.

Do not touch hair often (or at all)

Do not mindlessly touch your curls, as that can encourage frizz throughout the day and week. Fluff and style accordingly, but constant touching and separating too often will cause frizz and make you lose your style and smoothness. You will be surprised how often we mindlessly touch our hair and how it affects the longevity of our styles.

Find a frizz, roll a frizz

If you find some curls are frizzing up then restyle that section and fluff it to match the others after it dries. This is great for overnight and this will allow your style to last longer.

Change your style

If you are all frizzed out then change the style completely but creating a new one. A curly afro, messy bun, ninja bun, rocking a hat will recreate your style and allow for you to not have to redo your hair all over again. Certain styles look better with frizz because it is unique and creates volume, so just work with what you have until wash day.