From the outside looking in, having curly hair can look easy -- just toss your curls around each morning and you’re ready to go, right?

Oh, if only life were that simple. Embracing your curly mane involves lots of care, patience and above all, confidence.

photo courtesy of @jascoloredcurls 

While I am sure most women wouldn’t mind a dose of confidence, those with curly hair have been brought to the forefront. Since I big chopped in 2011, I cannot count how many times my hair has been called “wild" "crazy" and “nappy."

Because this happens frequently in our communities, I try to give women inspiration and confidence on, but where I find a lot of my own inspiration is through social media platforms like Twitter. Over the past few years, women have been using hashtags to help others find their inner light. Here are three Twitter hashtags you should follow to find your own curly hair inspiration and confidence.


As a staple in the curly hair community, this hashtag has been around for quite a while and displays women with all types of textures and skin tones. You’re sure to find someone with the same hair length or hair texture similar to yours while scrolling through the sass and humor.


Want to see the versatility of curly hair? This hashtag, created by @melaninmamis has it all. Curlies show off their hair in every style you could think of from curly to straight to creative updos.


You will find everything from curlies showing off their latest hair styles to their favorite products and natural hair celebs.

Looking for some other hashtags?

You may want to check these out: #NaturalHairTwitter, #CurlyHairTwitter, #CurlPattern, #NaturallyCurly and #NaturalGirlsRock.

Oh, and don't forget to follow @NaturallyCurly on Twitter too!