You may think you know every possible way to curl your locks, but leave it to creative YouTubers to prove us wrong.

These two curly hair hacks are easy to do at home. The first uses a simple a No. 2 pencil and the second, a semi inflated balloon. Yes, you read that correctly. This is how each style can be accomplished at home.

Pencil Curls

Note: Do not use a plastic pencil, as you will be applying heat. You will also need a straightener. This hack for a tighter corkscrew spiral, 3c curly hairstyle. 

  1. Separate your dry hair into 3 to 6 sections depending on how thick your hair is.

  2. Place the pencil close to your scalp and begin wrapping a 1-inch clump of hair around the pencil. Thicker sections won't take as well.

  3. Hover your straightener over your hair on the pencil--no need to clamp it on as the heat coming off of it will be enough for it to hold the curl.

  4. Continue moving it up and down the pencil until your hair feels warm to the touch.

  5. Allow your hair to cool for a minute then slowly release it from the pencil. Continue this process around your entire head or on any parts that just need to be touched up.

Balloon Curls

If you prefer no heat curls then grab out your unused water balloons for this next hack.  This process is done overnight and will result in large voluminous curls.

  1.  Blow up about 10 balloons to the size of a peach. They need to be soft enough to allow your hair to wrap around without pulling or breaking.

  2. Put your hair into a pineapple.

  3. Take a section of hair and slightly wet it with a water bottle so that it is damp to the touch but not wet.

  4. Wrap your hair around the balloon and secure it with a bobby pin.

  5. Use a bobby pin and fasten the balloon to the top of your head and the hair on the bottom of the balloon.

  6. Repeat these steps until all hair is in balloons.

  7. Leave in overnight or until hair has dried.

  8. Gently remove hair from balloons and enjoy your heat free curls!

There you have it, two simple hacks to add some fun into your curl routine. Would you try this?