Finally, we have a TV show depicting everyday black women in everyday relatable life situations with humor--without the clichés. That TV show is HBO’s Insecure featuring Issa Rae, a black woman who rocks her TWA in all her awkward glory.
issa rae insecure
The first season of Insecure will feature eight episodes, the first of which is already available on HBO NOW, HBO GO and HBO On Demand, and hits our television screens this Sunday, October 10. It highlights the life of two modern, black women who are friends living their lives and dealing with all their, for lack of a better word, insecurities and issues. 

If you were unaware who Issa Rae is, you still have time to get to know and appreciate her humor and her work before Insecure goes into full swing. Here are three reasons why we will be watching and why you should be watching, too.

1. Issa is young, gifted and black

That’s enough of a reason because there just aren’t enough programs that feature black females in a leading role. Little black girls and a lot of us grown up black girls need to see ourselves represented on TV and being portrayed as actual human beings, instead of stereotypes. HBO is as mainstream as it gets and black talent needs to be celebrated in the mainstream. When we support these programs we encourage the powers that be to continue to feature black women in prominent rules and give other black talent opportunities to thrive.

We have been asking for diversity and for representation. Let’s show them that we meant it and put our money and support where our mouth is.

2. Issa is funny

Issa was named one of Rolling Stone’s 23 funniest people in America, and was also on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 of 2015. Issa has worked hard for her shot and we get to benefit from her comedic chops. Besides, who are we to disagree with Forbes?

3. Issa is natural

Though 'natural' hair is being portrayed more often in the media today, short natural hair is still almost non-existent in mainstream entertainment, as many brands would still rather use wig-wearing models instead of ones who rock their real length and texture.

Issa looks like herself. She looks like us, and she looks like you or best friend or cousin did when she did her first big chop or even her third. It takes courage to present your authentic self to a world that still holds on to European standards of beauty. Her courage will encourage many.

Will you set your alarm with us?

Mark you calendar for Sunday night and invite your friends over for a viewing party. Whatever you do, let’s ensure we support our own. Catch Insecure on HBO, Sundays this fall at 9pm.

A special message from Issa Rae