One of the wonderful things about living in New York City is being constantly introduced to new experimental fashion, hair, and beauty trends.

I have found that New Yorkers love to change things up, be bold, and go for new looks and styles. There are so many trends to experiment with and it's fun to test drive them to see whether or not they are overrated. While some trends don't work for everyone, some of them are really quite stunning. Here are my top 5 favorites.

The Wavy Lob

This cut is very popular amongst New Yorkers -- it's a look that never goes out of style and can be worn in many different ways. The lob and bob are both worn on straight or curly hair, with or without bangs, long or short, and the part can be on the side, in the middle, or swept back. As someone with a wavy lob myself, I love the length and am pleased with how often I can change it up. If I want, I can make the style look elegant or sexy and sometimes, a little bit of both. You cannot go wrong with this length or style.


The Low Pony

This style has become more and more popular especially for those with longer hair. Some women have been wearing the pony slicked back at the top and then the bottom being teased out or textured. This is a look that has especially been popular amongst curly New Yorkers. Another trend is wearing the ponytail messy both at the top and bottom. For those with straight hair, some have been wearing the ponytail with the part straight down the middle. Contrary to popular belief, the low ponytail isn't just for casual occasions -- it can actually look quite elegant. In NYC, this look is fabulous for a night out on the town.

low pony


This is one of the trends that I am completely obsessed with. Velvet is one of the hottest fashion trends that can be seen on the streets of busy New York City. Velvet dresses, pants, shirts, hats, and even bras are becoming more popular. Velvet is comfortable on the skin, is light, and can look stunning in any color. I have a velvet dress in maroon that is stunning and I try to wear it every chance I get.


Oversized everything

Big sweaters, pants, jackets, and baggy clothing in general is a trend that I have definitely incorporated into my own style. I have been wearing baggy clothing even before I moved to New York. While you might think of baggy clothing as being sloppy, it actually looks quite fashionable. I love throwing on a big comfy sweater, wearing baggy socks, and a big scarf. It's warm, easy, and you feel like you're being hugged all day long. Who could say no to that?


Bold eyeshadow and liner

Wearing graphic eyeliner in striking colors such as red, white, orange, yellow, or pink under the eyes or in the crevices of the eyes have been a stunning city evening look. Sometimes that look is paired with a bold sparkling eyeshadow as well. While I personally haven't tried all of the colorful eyeliner trends yet, I love using red eyeliner and have indulged in the glamour of the sparkly eyeshadow and plan to experiment more with the colorful liner soon.

colored liner

While sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest trends going on, it's nice to know that in New York, you really are encouraged to embrace your own style. Trends, or no trends. Which one would you try? Let me know in the comment section below.

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