This season, change your part and switch up your bun for a different look on your long, wavy hair.

It seems like this is the case more often than not, but if you don’t want to get stuck in a hairstyle rut, here are some quick and easy ways to rock a top knot. With so many different variations, you could try something new everyday!

The way you part your hair is an often overlooked important piece of a hairstyle. When you change up your part, it can seem to others like you have completely changed your look (even though you know it was with minimal effort”>.

  1. Triangle Part: Start with finger at temple and slide at an angle to the middle of the back of your head. Once you have that point, take your other finger to your opposite temple and slide back to the other finger holding the point. Lift your hair and pull it back with a hair band; you now have a triangular part!

  2. Rectangle: Place a finger at each temple and run your fingers straight back as deep as you would like to have your part go.  Once you are at that point turn your fingers towards each other and move together until they are touching. Lift your fingers, put hair in your hair band, and you have a rectangular part.

  3. Ariana Part: Start with your fingers right above your ears and run your fingers straight up your head until your fingers touch at the very top of your head. Lift your hair and secure with a hair band.

Now that you have some parts to choose from, rock one of the bun hairstyles below to keep your wavy look fresh and on trend.

  1. The messy bun: One of the simplest techniques for a bun that is understated but still looks great. Start by grabbing handfuls of hair and piling it on top of your hair band. Once it’s all on top, use another hair band to secure it, most likely you will have quite a bit of volume that you can tame by using some bobby pins to hold this look together in the size you want.

  2. The Chignon: Pull your hair into a ponytail as normal but before you pull it through the last time don’t pull it all the way through. Instead, stop when you have the size loop you want your bun to be. Next, wrap your remaining hair around the base of the bun to hide the hair band you used and secure it in place. Pin the actual bun down to keep it in place, reaching your fingers through a little tunnel you have created. Pin inside so nobody will see them.

  3. Messy Fishtail Bun: If you like extra volume in your bun you can start by back combing at the top of your ponytail. Once you are satisfied with the amount of volume you have you can start to do a fishtail braid on the lower half. Then, pull apart your braid a bit to add volume and wrap it around to finish. Tuck the end under the bun and secure with bobby pins.

  4. Fold Over: The easiest of all the buns, this one is just like the chignon but without wrapping of the end pieces. Again, on the last wrap of your hair band, only pull your hair as far through as you want the size of your bun. That’s it! Pull some strands forward to add a little bit of piecey volume around your face.

  5. The Basic Wrap Around: Twist your ponytail around once or twice so it’s twisted but loose. Next, wrap your twists into the shape of a bun and pin the ends under the bun. This style will give the bun an effortless polished look.

Watch this top knot tutorial

YouTube creator Kayley Melissa shows us how to do it.


Becky Woodford

My name is Becky, AKA The Polished Curl. I am a YouTuber trying to help people learn to love and accept their naturally wavy or curly hair with tips and tricks I have learned through my own curl journey. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram.

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