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Every time this season rolls around, what do you think of? I personally get all the good feels from everything floral, sunny, and bright. And as if any woman with natural hair isn't beautiful enough on her own -- I mean, just look at our Instagram feed -- these beautiful springtime photos from some of our natural hair faves are just the inspiration we need while at work daydreaming about our next getaway.

Afternoon tea at a restaurant made from walls of flowers. Sounds like a plan.

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In Kamil's own words: "From her womb comes the seed which the world needs; She is life."

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Have a seat, enjoy the scenery, smell the flowers.

When you see a garden too pretty to pass up without taking a selfie.

Because having a reason to rock a full-length faux fur coat makes any rainy day enjoyable.

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When all else fails, find a bright wall that matches your mood (and outfit).

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Don't be afraid to flaunt your joy.

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Sundress season with some box braids. Springtime, emulated.

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BRB, dreaming about feeling the Mexican breeze at Frida Kahlo's house.

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Self-care Sundays are made for grabbing a good book.

Feel the good vibes, and soak the sun.

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Amazing natural springtime light is the best excuse for a midday cup o' Joe at the dining table.

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