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Whether at the beach or by the pool, most of us have spent the past several months doing sunny outdoor activities. Hopefully, you have worn sunscreen to protect your skin, but many people forget that hair can be damaged by the sun as well. The sun may add natural highlights, but when paired with chlorine, it can strip away moisture and dull more vivid hair colors. While sea salt can be a curly girl’s best friend, adding tons of texture, it can also be extremely drying.

Now that fall is approaching, it is time for an end of summer hair makeover!  There are so many ways to repair hair through methods that are both natural and affordable. Here are tips for reviving post-summer hair, while finding clever ways to extend the season’s popular trends into fall.

  1. Ask your stylist to do a complete split end sweep through your hair, or better yet, do it yourself!  Thinning shears are the perfect tool for trimming dead ends without taking off too much length. Once you have removed the most damaged part of the hair, you can start fresh with a healthy, blank canvas.
  2. Nourish your newly trimmed ends with a DIY natural mask. Mix two parts jojoba oil with one part coconut oil, and add a few drops of jasmine oil for a great floral scent!  The amount you want to make will vary with your own length and thickness. Microwave your mixture for 15 seconds to blend well, and then spread it on your hair, saturating ends and working your way up. If you have oily hair, you will not want the mixture on your roots, but those with coarser textures can apply generously. Leave your mask on for 20 minutes, and wash and condition as usual. Feel your silky strands!
  3. Still in the mood to DIY?  Fill a spray bottle with rosewater and seven drops each of lavender and eucalyptus oils. This great smelling mix can serve as a multipurpose refresher for second day curls and as a facial toner.
  4. If you are looking for a hair color change for fall, try a new take on your current color by adding red tints. Those with black or dark brown hair can experiment with henna hair dye in colors such as burgundy and copper. Light brown hair can be beautifully accented with auburn highlights, and blondes can shine with rose gold/strawberry blonde strands. Red shades add warmth and dimension and complement fall makeup and clothing colors.
  5. Try a curly bob. So many celebrities have sported the long bob trend, and it is a haircut that can be flattering on every texture. The long bob creates a happy medium, allowing for a fresh start while maintaining some length. Corinne Bailey Rae and Hayden Panettiere have both worn great examples of the long curly bob.
  6. Extend summer trends by modifying them for fall. Ombre highlights and hair chalking have been huge trends this summer. Tone down ombre hair by replacing pale blonde ends with auburn hues. Pastels have been the most popular shades for hair chalking (the process of temporarily adding pigment to hair with soft pastel chalk”>, but they have more of a spring or summer look. Try using fall colors such as deep purple, maroon, navy, and marigold to add a season appropriate twist on the trend!
  7. A season change is the perfect time to try a new product!  Drier weather tends to flatten and add static to curls. Maintain definition with Jessicurl Confident Coils Styling Solution (for hair types 2 and 3″> or Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (for hair types 3c and 4″>.
  8. For a subtle change, switch your part.  It sounds like a simple idea, but changing the way your hair frames your face can create a completely new look.  Also, by switching sides or choosing a middle part, you can show the healthier part of your hair that has been hidden from the sun all summer!

Enjoy the benefits of your end of summer, hair makeover!

What are you doing to change up your look and care for your curls as summer wraps up?

Sophie Brame

Sophie Brame

Bio-- Sophie is an Austin-raised Aggie who loves travel, music, healthy living, and empowering others to seek the beauty in daily life.

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