Next Day Curls

Next-day curl—slightly disheveled and imperfect

One of the big trends today on the NYC runways for Fall 2011 seems to be next-day curl. Rather than having curls appear fresh, perfect and uniform without any strays or flyaways, it’s now all about hair looking slightly disheveled, next-day or even as celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler so eloquently described it, “Hair that looks like you’ve been living in the woods for three days."

“We’ve seen a definite shift in curl this season,” says designer Rebecca Minkoff. “We’re creating next-day hair that’s soft, subtle, with volume and movement, like you just rolled out of bed."

For the Nicolas K show, celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler easily created this next day texture by spritzing in Redken Nature Rescue and twisting the ends of the hair to create that lived-in, gritty, textured look. “This type of hair is a perfect compliment to the very edgy, street fashion that K was showcasing,” says Cutler.

Ouidad simply scrunched in Ouidad PlayCurl Volumizing Foam, went back into the hair with a curling iron, taking different size sections and wrapping it different ways around the barrel of the iron for variation in curl pattern.

“In seasons past, curls were uniform and perfectly kempt,” Ouidad explains, "whereas the curl we’re creating for this season’s shows is looser and natural - meaning there’s variation. It’s imperfect and not overdone."

This is great news for curly women out there that don’t want to spend hours trying to perfect their curl. Next-day texture is low maintenance and easy to achieve, so go ahead and spritz in some curl-reviving spray, style with your hands and go—knowing that you’re totally on trend!