This summer 1920s-inspired looks are making waves from the big screen to the red carpet. Your curly coils can embrace the Old Hollywood trend with this super easy, Gatsby-inspired tuck ‘n roll.

  • Step 1 Start by lightly misting the hair on the side you’ll be rolling with water to make the hair more pliable and slightly part your hair with more hair one side than the other. You can do this style on a slightly old (stretched”> wash n go, braid out or twist out. 
  • Step 2 Apply a little gel to help with fly-aways on the side you’ll be rolling. I used Olive Oil Eco-Styler gel and brushed my edges up with a soft bristle brush.
  • Step 3 Start to tuck and roll tightly from the top, down and to the back. Use some extra gel to smooth the rolls if need be.
  • Step 4 Hold your tucked roll at the back of your head. If you rolled the left side like me, the end of your roll should end on the right side of your neck. Grab some bobby pins! Pin your roll in crisscrosses to secure the roll. Use as many as you need, I used 5 in the back and a few more down the side and top of my roll.

All done! This look can be worn casually to the beach or a summer picnic or to a chic classy red carpet affair. You can watch the full tutorial in action below.

Kala G

Writer Kala is the founder of the blog, The KG Lifestyle. Check it out for more hair, beauty, and lifestyle motivation! You can follow her on Instagram @TheKGLifestyle.

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