I don't really like applying styling products on days other than wash day. Consequently, I pick hairstyles that require no product and little manipulation.

Each working day, I find myself too busy and rushed during the morning to style my hair differently. Unfortunately, I would usually end up having a very awkward hairdo. I found an easy technique that is quick and simple although the appearance gives the illusion of a more complicated, intricate hairstyle.

What you need

  • Bobby pins
  • Golden loc rings or eyecatchers

1. Pick your best side.

My hair parts naturally on the right side of my head, so I always twist my hair at this area. Twist in the direction of where your hair naturally falls if you want to prevent curls from covering up the focal point of this style: the loc rings. 

2. Twist the section.

Section your hair in small clumps of curls--otherwise, the twist will be too thick and the ring might snap. Twist each small section and secure with a bobby pin.  

3. Add the rings onto your twist.

Again, the rings make the hairdo special. Mine are adjustable, so before applying it to my hair, I place one on top of my twist, then squeeze a bit in order to make sure that it is secured over my curls.

Watch my tutorial: