Fall's biggest hairstyle trend: Curtain bangs.

alexa chung bangs
pictured: Alexa Chung via Instagram

Trend reports are in, and according to Byrdie, the phrase "curtain bangs" is up 600% on popular social media sites like Pinterest. While it seems strikingly similar to side-swept bangs, here is the main difference: a middle part is create in order to achieve the look. Described as "swoopy and middle-parted," thae style is known to "drape down on either side to frame the face." Another great thing for natural wavies and curlies around the world is how well curtain bangs work with texture.

I spoke with our Managing Editor, Cristina (@cristinacleveland), who is prepared to fully rock the curtain bangs trend on her wavy-curly hair this season. Here's what she does to keep her current bangs regimen as effortless and minimal as possible.

Photo by @jennellgordon

A quick breakdown:

  • Scrunching is essential, especially if you have a looser curl pattern
  • Use a small amount of styler from the bottom up
  • Avoid heat usage (in general, but especially on bangs!)
  • Pin curl bangs with a bobby pin to fix wonky pieces and prevent frizz
  • Try clip-in bangs before committing to the look

The styling hack for perfect curtain bangs

"I just use a very, very small amount of whatever styler I'm using on the rest of my hair (which is different every day depending on my mood, the weather, and where I am in my wash week)," says Cristina. "I scrunch my styler through my hair from the bottom up, and scrunch whatever is left over on my hands when I'm done into my bangs. If I accidentally put too much styler on them, I scrunch with a towel to remove some product."

On maintaing healthy bangs

"I make sure to cleanse and condition them just like I do the rest of my hair, otherwise they might end up looking greasy before the rest of my hair does. I've also avoided using any heat on them. If they look wonky I don't use a curling wand to fix them, instead I just wet them with a spray bottle and finger twirl them or pin curl them with a bobby pin to set them."

On keeping frizz and flyaways at bay

"The great thing about curtain bangs is that you can split them down the middle so they're not fully on your face all the time the way blunt bangs are. As for frizz or flyaways, finger twirling or pin curling them helps to prevent frizz and flyaways. I will say though, that no matter what you do they're still bangs, so if you can't stand the feeling of hair on your face then this cut is not for you. Do what I did and try clip on bangs first to see if you can stand it before committing to a cut! I got tips from our intern Kiana (pictured below) on what to expect before I made the cut. I suggest you read her article What You Should Know Before You Try Curly Bangs."

Interested in rocking curtain bangs?

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