Do you feel like your natural hair can’t be trusted?  Have you been giving it your all, while getting nothing back in return?  You’re thinking you’ve done your job right for the night, giving it all your love and care to prepare it for that desired look and outcome, only to find the next morning it’s on something totally different and disrespectful!  If so, your hair may be having an affair on you!  But luckily…we can fix that!

That short haircut you want to grow into a bob can seriously try your patience.  It’s like the 2 year old that wants to have its way, that you always have to talk to and get right before you go into the department store (or that adult partner acting like a 2 year old lol).  It’s a weird grow out if you don’t put swag on it.  That awkward middle phase of hair growth can feel like the “sunken place” in which your only desire is to “Get Out!”  So here’s how:

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

TIP #1: Patience

Keep in mind it takes around 6 months to grow out, because hair just grows a half an inch a month.  So be patient and trust the natural process.

TIP #2:  Clip ins

Clip ins are great for being able to create instant fullness and length, to camouflage the grow out.

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

TIP #3:  Hair Accessories

Accessorize and fancy it up!  An example could be a headband, or decorative bobby pins, to pull the hair up on the side, or hold it up with a cute clip to give it some shape and swag.

TIP #4: Roller & Rod Sets

Create those coils and curls that give a natural style to hide the grow-out variables, like variation in length.  A style can be an ambiguous length with curls.

TIP #5: Skip the trim, not the treatment

This phase is when conditioning is most important to grow and retain all the length that you have, so you don’t want to sleep on the professional maintenance from a great stylist.  This is not the time to skip the salon.  Make sure you go in for your treatments on a consistent regimen, because if your hair is breaking at the ends – you’re at a standstill.

Photo Courtesy of @SalonPK

Comment below and tell us how you keep your short hair from having an affair!

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