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Knowing what last year's CURLFEST brought to the table as far as vivid, colorful imagery, it was only right that some of them attended the event, held in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, with their coolest fashion-forward foot yet. Evelyn, Cristina, Grace, Leslie, and myself (Devri) channeled somewhere in between our inner '90s girl group one-hit-wonder meets peak Charlie's Angels badass superhero moment and made the festival our own definition of bold.

Our fashion focal point: mustard yellow.

Deemed by media as the new 'millennial pink,' the process of shopping this hue was actually pretty challenging, which told us that we might be ahead of the curve as far as picking up on the fashion trend goes. Group texts galore flooded our notifications as we scurried to find outfits that matched the color aesthetic.

However, believe it or not, choosing the proper shade was the only planned part about it. There must have been something nostalgic about picking out matching outfits that, for lack of a better phrase, brought us closer together than ever. In the crowd we became that group. It was fun for sure. But as individuals, we still managed to add our unique flair.


Here's how we pulled it off.

This is #WhatWeWore.

Get studious.

Catch up on your favorite summer reads, like Half of a Yellow Sun. Ground yourself before heading out into the sweltering Brooklyn sun.


Perfect your "small talk" greeting.

One of the best parts of the big day is seeing your Instagram feed to come to life. Even if you forgot their name but remember their face, fake it 'til you make it.


Add more color.

When in doubt about how to stand out in a festival park crowd like CURLFEST, go with the brightest, boldest ensemble you can possibly find. Your outfit should speak before you have to.


Own your beauty.

Get prepared to pose for every available photo op from head to toe with every ounce of confidence in your body.


Have a sense of humor.

Don't take yourself too seriously. Have fun and let go.


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Photos courtesy of Repel Media