Curly texture is everywhere

Expect to see texture at Fashion Week in February

The spring fashions shown during Fashion Week in September were complemented with textured styles. Experts predict fall fashions this month will see even more curls, waves and volume.

When Allen Ruiz, North American style director for Aveda and co-owner of Jackson Ruiz in Austin, Texas, heads out to New York for February’s Fall 2011 Fashion Week, he predicts texture will be everywhere.

“At the Spring shows, there were hints of texture,” says Ruiz, who will be doing the hair at shows such as Christian Siriano and Sophie Theallet. “At the Fall shows, we’ll be seeing even more dramatic texture. Texture is here to stay, in some form or another.”

The days of runways dominated by polished, smooth tresses may be a thing of the past, as a growing number of designers are opting for textured styles to complement their collections. Stylists want to make a statement, and make it big. And there’s no better way to do that than by playing up texture, whether it be sexy beach waves or a voluminous afro.

"We’re definitely at the point where straight hair isn't anywhere close to coming back," says celebrity stylist Mark Garrison of the Mark Garrison Salon in New York, who believes texture is here to stay. "Hairdressers, designers and consumers are so excited about having mvement and texture in the hair. There's so much more we can do in terms of movements and extremes."

Garrison says texture trends are are trickling up from clients, who are embracing their waves, curls and kinks more than ever before.

"On the runway, we're seeing inspiration coming from the chair," Garrison says. Designers such as Mark Jacobs, Anna Sui, Badgley Mischka and Alice + Olivia were among those who featured textured tresses at Spring shows. And texture will be a prevalent feature on the runways in February.

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Curls, curls, curls

“Texture is going to play a dominant role,” says Rodney Cutler, owner of three Cutler Salons and Redken expert stylist. “The new interpretations will incorporate curls, texture and braids within updos that take us away from that classic shape.”

On the runways in this month, Garrison believes there will be deep waves. He also expects to see crimping in combination with a curling iron—crimping it and winding it with a curling iron. "You take small sections and back comb it. Then you hold the end of the section and run the fingers back up toward the scalp for a frothy look. That’s also going to play into the more textured look."

"There will be waves with a serious ridge to them, almost like the hair has been set with finger waves and then brushed out with rollers," Garrison says. "It’s a relaxed deep wave. It doesn’t have the ridges of the retro look. It’s more modern—super soft, flowy and sexy. It's more extreme than the shallow wave we’ve seen."

Curl expert Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue believes 2011 will be a year when women rock their natural look, “with a touch of the future.”

“My favorite thing about textured hair is it is never dull and boring,” says Christo. “It is natural, exotic and sexy when it is styled the right way.”

“Texture to me creates dimension and gives you the freedom to create a newness to a hair style by incorporating different kinds of texture, whether it’s a certain type of movement or a different finish to the hair through product usage,” says Cutler. “Fashion is about this organic evolution. I am thrilled where it is at the moment where we have these old Hollywood shapes incorporated with these varying textured techniques.”