Ten years ago it was quite rare to see women rocking their natural hair, but now it is a different story. 
random Dutch guy who loves curls
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A few weeks ago I shared my experience having curly hair in the Netherlands and due to the enthusiasm, I decided to expand the post to include what some Dutch guys I know actually think of curly hair. Of course, we will continue rocking our natural crown no matter the opinion of others, however, a little curiosity never killed anybody...

"Her curls make her the center of attention."

“Ten years ago it was quite rare to see women rocking their natural hair, and now it is a different story. Why have these women been hiding this unique beauty feature? Whenever there is a woman with curly hair at a pub she is the center of attention.”

"I love to play with her curls while she sleeps."

“For me curls are a turn-on because they are unique. I love the volume and the bounciness. When I saw my girlfriend, I fell for her appearance, hereby her curly afro was a real eye catcher. I love to play with her curls while she sleeps. It is difficult for me to describe why I like curls, so I describe her.”

"Her hair is beautiful--when she takes care of it."

“Self-care is important regardless if their hair is straight or curly. Hair is only beautiful when a person takes care of it. I often see women wearing their hair curly, but then you can clearly see that it is not combed. For me this is unattractive--like women with chipped nail polish.”

"Her hair smells good."

“For some reason, women with curly hair have this nice fragrance around them. The most attractive thing they can do is flip their hair and play a bit with the curls right after. However, it is also quite obvious when they have not washed their hair because some parts are quite cluttered together...”

"Her curls make her arrogant."

“Women who have curly hair quite often make an arrogant impression. Of course, having curly hair is something that is unique and you should be proud of it. Nevertheless, anything looks better on you when you have a friendly appearance.”

"The way she plays with her curls is sexy."

“My girlfriend's curls perfectly describe her cheerfulness and her outgoing personality. She has the tendency to play with her curls when she is flirting with me and that is incredibly sexy. When I met her I was amazed by how well she rocked her curls no matter how she wore them that day. But admittedly, being a part of her wash days and combing tiny curls can be very tiring.”

"Her curly hair is gorgeous."

“Do not touch her hair…I repeat, do NOT touch her hair without first asking for permission. I learned that this is something that is sensitive. In general, Dutch girls who wear their hair straight do not really care whether or not you touch it, although girls who wear their hair curly do not like it at all. It has something to do with frizz or something. Either way, curly hair is gorgeous.”

What do the guys in your hometown think of women with curly hair?

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