While it seems that many curlies right now are trying to achieve length goals, I have almost always kept my curls relatively short on purpose.


In addition to this being my favorite length, I believe that having shorter hair comes with more perks than having longer hair. Here are the benefits and reasons why I love having short hair.

It keeps me cooler

I have found having long hair makes me feel really hot and weighed down, especially in the summertime. My 3a hair is quite thick. I have found that wearing shorter hair keeps me cooler and literally keeps the extra weight off of my shoulders and back.

I use less products

Having short hair means using less product! I only need a tiny amount when applying which makes my products last longer and therefore helps me to save a more money in the long run.

Styling is a breeze

While one might think that short hair is limiting with ways to style it, it actually gives me options. Bobby pins are my best friend. Headbands, too, can be an awesome accessory that I enjoy wearing from time to time. I am much more of a minimalist and I have to say, it is incredibly nice to let my hair do whatever. I get great satisfaction knowing that I almost don’t have to do anything to my hair when I get up in the morning. All I do is let my hair down from a pineapple, fluff it a bit, spritz if needed, and then I start my day.

Washing is easy

The amount of time that it would take you to wash your hair if it’s long is literally cut in half if you have short hair. Again, all you need is a little shampoo or conditioner, rinse it out, and boom you’re done. Another plus to my wash time is that I don’t shed as nearly as much as I do with longer hair; it is much easier to finger detangle and typically dries quicker.

It gives me confidence

I feel incredibly liberated and confident having short hair. It makes me feel empowered and beautiful. I love that I can wear my big earrings and other accessories to emphasize my facial features. Everyone should experience having short hair at least once in their lifetime. It really makes life much easier. However, short hair may not be for everyone, and that is OK. Having long hair can have its perks as well; we all have to find that length that makes us feel the most confident and empowered.

Short hair may not be able to give you that messy bun look, or that fancy braided style, but I think the fact that having short hair is so lively and fierce makes up for it. What is your favorite length?