Yes, I am aware that it is officially fall but the thermometer in my car begs to differ. I do not know where you reside, but Texas is still hot! Want a cute style to get your locs off your back? Or maybe you are protective styling with yarn braids? Check out Jasmine Rose’s easy loc knot tutorial that only requires small rubber bands. Yes, that is all! She installed loc knots in the front and her 2-in-1 pipe cleaner curls in the back. Hey, and while you are styling, you might as well give your roots a little loc maintenance and get those edges laid. Whatever the occasion, this bob style is super cute, and if you cannot do it, pass it along to someone who can!


  • Small rubber bands


  1. Extend a loc downward
  2. Bend it against your finger and pull the end upward toward the scalp
  3. Hold the remaining loc against the roots to create a loop
  4. Twist the loop to its end
  5. Wrap the remaining loc around the twisted loop going downward until you reach the bottom
  6. Secure the ends with a small rubber band

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