valentine hairstyle

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be brainstorming what style to do for your date night. If you are limited on time, something simple will be a must. With less than 30 minutes to spare you can create a quick and elegant hairstyle that will have all eyes on you. Follow these easy steps to take your curls from coffee to cocktails.

The Look

A half-up, half-down twisted up do embellished with gold beads. Perfect on old hair and beautiful from your workday to your date night. Great on medium to long hair lengths.

What You’ll Need…

How to Get The Look

This hairstyle can start on freshly washed hair but 2nd or 3rd day hair works fine as well. Using a comb, section off a horseshoe sized area from above one temple to the other. Gather and secure the bottom half of your section with a clip to keep your hair out of the way.

Horseshoe Section on Curly Hair

Returning to the top, separate the horseshoe section in half and focus on one side. Smooth a small amount of edge control (try Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer“> on the hairline and use a brush to smooth the surface. Begin twisting at the hairline gathering more hair as you move back. Secure the end with a small elastic or bobby pin and repeat on the other side.

Twisted Hair for Curly Updo

To create a soft, undone look, loosen up each twist. Using your fingers, gently tug and separate each section. If needed, use short bobby pins to hold into place.

Twisted Updo on Curly Hair

Next, undo the bottom half of your hair. If you are working on old hair, spray it with water to reactivate the curl pattern. Add in your favorite styling cream or gel (try DevaCurl Styling Cream or Briogeo Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel“> for hold and create a few finger coils for more definition. While that air dries, use a toothbrush along the hairline to smooth your edges.

Gold Cuffs Added on Twists

Once your hair is dry, use an Afro pic to add volume at the root. If you are looking for a trendy accessory to dress up the look, add gold braiding cuffs along the twists. Another option is to add pearl beads. Stick a bobby pin through a pearl bead and add a few along each twist.

Gold Cuffs Added on Twists

Additional Options: Create more than two sections to twist. Combine the bottom and top sections to create a twisted bun. Add flat twists or cornrows instead of regular twists.

Taking your everyday curls to an easy date night hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few products and good preparation you can transform your daily look into something flirty. Complete the look with a bold lipstick and your party dress (or pants”>.

What are your some of your favorite easy hairstyles for date night? Share some of your ideas with us down below in the comments.

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