Not sure if you can tell, but we can get into some serious hijinks here in the NaturallyCurly office. Headquartered in Austin, TX, we aim to entertain you, but most of the time, we end up cracking ourselves up in the process.

Evelyn and Grace

So today, I wanted to give you all a few of our favorite NaturallyCurly videos, starring some of your absolute favorite personalities including Evelyn From the Internets, Nikki Johnson, Grace Hathaway, and a few new faces.

VIDEO BONUS: You will also get a few curl product recommendations and tips for various hair types, so pop your earbuds in and prepare to laugh and learn, my friend!

10″> We “Recreated” Jackie Aina’s Everyday Makeup – Evelyn and Nikki (and pretty much everyone in the office”> are HUGE fans of Makeup Artist and #LifeGoals Beauty Jackie Aina. In this video both Evelyn and Nikki make valiant attempts to look even cuter than they already do by following Aina’s makeup tutorial.

9″> April Reviews Black Girl in a Big Dress – If you are unfamiliar with the peircing wit of Miss April Bingham, press play right now. Her razor-sharp take on “Black Girl in a Big Dress” was so compelling that many of you were scrolling through your streaming video queues to add it to your list. Fortunately for all of us, April is going to share even more of her savvy style and onscreen fire with us all in more Watch and Go videos and our The Best Ever series!

8″> We Lived Off Of $20 for a Week – Do you think you could survive this challenge? Honestly, I don’t think that I would survive this challenge. Would you be able to live off of $20 for a week? See how our crew did.

7″> Gerilyn Gets Braids for the FIRST Time! – There are moments in life that define who we are. For me, this was definitely one of them. Capturing this milestone in my life was pretty wonderful (and yes I have an obvious bias, but I mean, come on!!! I got box braids for the very first time with the blessing of Evelyn!!! Mamma Mia!!!”>. Thanks to April and Evelyn for the push.

6″> Cristina and Devri Swapped Hair Care Routines – If you’ve ever experienced hair envy IRL, then you’ve probably walked past Cristina and Devri on a busy street. Yep – these ladies have curls that won’t quit, and even though they have different hair types and curl patterns, they illicit similar #feels over their drool-worthy curls! Watch their dramatically different routines in the video.

5″> Watch Us Try to Slay These Wigs – “You cannot give me long hair, and expect me to be humble!” –Evelyn | Seriously, there is no synopsis needed for this – just press play.

4″> We Tried a 14-Day No Sugar Challenge – Ugggggh! You guys, the NaturallyCurly No Sugar Challenge was aggressive, and I failed it. Sorry (not sorry”>! Over five thousand of you signed up to join us for the challenge so, tell me: How did you do? Did you make it through? Watch our #struggle in the video!

3″> Evelyn Does Grace’s Hair – There are an overwhelming amount of hair types in our office so it’s no wonder that we all have a deep-rooted desire test new products and styles on each others curls. So…. What happens when we capture those moments on camera? Hilarity!

2″> Grace Does Evelyn’s Hair – I couldn’t just leave you wondering how Grace ended up styling Evelyn’s hair (I mean… If you can even call it that – LOL”>. Watch what ended up happening!

1″> Our Worst Beauty Mistakes – From using the wrong concealer shade to smearing glossy, lime green eyeshadows onto our eyelids (or was it just me???”>, our absolute worst beauty mistakes are revisited in this super cute video featuring a baby-Nikki and a baby-Evelyn. If this doesn’t make you smile, keep scrolling for a bonus dose of fun with the NaturallyCurly crew… you deserve it!

Which NaturallyCurly videos are among your favorites?

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BONUS Video: Because… why not?!

As ever, stay curly!

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