Fall is a great time for fresh starts, both in life and in the salon chair. The bob is a cut that can take your waves from the classroom to the boardroom in style. If you are nervous about the dreaded triangle cut, fear not. Today’s bobs can be collapsed to hug the head, or are longer, or are blunt-cut so you do not need to blow-fry stacked layers with a round brush for volume.

If you don’t already have a stylist that you love and trust, our Salon Finder can help. When consulting with your stylist, be sure to bring ideas for cuts that will work with your curl pattern and density. In this video, the stylist asks Grace about what her hair tends to do when it is a shorter length. This is important because for some wavies, hair will spring up and become curlier when cut. For others the opposite is true, so be sure to discuss your preferences with your stylist.

If you are deciding on a longer or shorter bob cut, keep the following in mind. Shorter cuts tend to be:

  • Faster to dry on wash day. If you are currently sporting a long, layered look snipping off some of the length into a chic new style can really speed up your wash day.
  • Easier to refresh. Even if you wake up with a mix of curls and frizz, you will find that the bob still looks put together because of the hard line of the cut. Just scrunch some mousse into the flyaway pieces and you are good to go.
  • More voluminous, particularly if you have fine, low density hair.
  • A good corrective cut option for hair that has been overly layered so that the ends look sparse. Taking up some of the length, and allowing soft waves and curls to frame the face can highlight the beauty of your waves and loose curls and give you a fuller, more filled-in style. A great example of a corrective cut is this modern A-line bob. I tried this after a bad layered haircut left my hair looking limp, stringy and outdated. It completely changed my hair for the better, and I love how effortlessly my curls and waves clump.
  • Easier to manage when you have multiple curl patterns, either naturally or because you are transitioning. This graduated bob brings the model’s waves to life.

Longer cuts, conversely tend to be:

  • The most flexible in terms of styling options. If you like to put your hair up or pull it back, the new longer LOBs (also called clavicle bobs) may be a good choice for you.
  • Cuts that do not require as many trims as shorter bobs will. A shorter bob needs to be trimmed every eight weeks.

The Best Wavy Bobs for Fall, 2019

Now that you have a bit of information about getting your cut, let's take a look at what the cuts are:

The clavicle bob


Image via Facebook: Stylish Belles

The clavicle bob is the hot new trend that is all over social media. It’s longer than the LOB, and completely carefree.

Jaw length bob with round layers

Image credit: stylecraze.com

This classic bob is easy to care for and easy to maintain. It will give you volume for days.

Modern A-line

Image via Facebook: Two Zero One Salon

For fall, 2019, the A-line bob is softer and blunt cut with minimal layering.

Choppy layered bob

Image source: Pop Haircuts

If you are growing out (or have grown bored with) heavily layered looks, the choppy bob is the perfect way to grow them out gradually.

Heatless Styling for Voluminous Waves

If you equate the bob with a round brush and plenty of hairspray, you will be happy to know that bobs can look beautiful without any heat. The following routine will give you volume and definition, and it does not require root clipping.

  1. On clean, thorough saturated hair, apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner. I prefer Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner because it is light and it will not weigh hair down. Rake it through your hair from I inch below your roots to your ends.
  2. Apply several pumps of volumizing foam, and work through your hair from roots to ends using your fingers. AG Hair Foam Weightless Volumizer is a good choice for waves that tend to fall flat easily. It will leave them looking shiny and healthy with lots of body.
  3. Use your fingers to thoroughly detangle your hair.
  4. Using a Denman brush, brush through your hair, flipping out the ends so that the waves will form clumps.
  5. Apply a dollop of Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets Styling Potion to the mid-shafts to the ends of your hair using the praying hands method. Scrunch thoroughly all around your head, especially at your roots.
  6. Remove excess water from your roots by scrunching them with a microfiber towel.
  7. Mist 2-3 spritzes of Aveda Volumizing Tonic on your roots in the crown area, and then scrunch.
  8. Allow your hair to dry naturally, or you can use a diffuser on the cool setting.
  9. Once it is completely dry, scrunch it out and fluff your roots.

Are you thinking of a new bob cut for fall? Let us know in the comments. Click here to find a great salon.