One of the biggest challenges of having loose curls and wavy hair is that our fantastic definition on Day One Hair can turn into stringy looking noodles by Day Three. Still, as naturally curly girls, we certainly do not want to wash our hair daily, so we have to figure out another way to add that bounce back to our definition.

Enter: the foamy mousse

I usually wash my hair twice a week, but I want it to look good as many days as I possibly can. While I enjoy refreshing my curls with a refreshing mist and my beloved Q-Redew, I randomly stumbled upon the benefits of using a mousse on days-old dry hair.

If, like me, hearing the word 'mousse' automatically takes your mind to the ‘80s and the decade of hair metal bands, I can affirm that this styling product has come such a long way since then. The mousse of today is foamier, does not leave the hair crunchy or stiff, and contains some great treatment ingredients inside.

Keep in mind the complexity of wavy hair

My wavy hair tends to be more on the dry, high porosity side and does not get weighed down as easily as other wavies' hair might--keep this in mind when deciding the amount of product you need to apply in your hair. Trial and error, and adjust accordingly since no two heads of hair are exactly the same, even if the pattern may look similar. To give a quick example, some of my wavy friends like to use mousse on wet hair as their only styler and their hair turns out great, but mousse alone on wet hair is not enough hold for me. Occasionally I like mousse on wet hair to add in more definition, but I ALWAYS have to follow it with a gel.

Why it works

What I find when using a mousse on old hair on a day is that I only need that and a dry shampoo for my scalp, especially if I worked out that day. If I used a refreshing mist, more than likely I will need to layer over a moisturizing cream so that my hair does not re-pouf out. I may also switch out a cream for an oil blend to further combat the frizz and add shine.


I apply the mousse on wet hair similarly to how I like to apply my styling products on wet hair. For seven total sections I take two pumps of mousse each section, raking them through and then scrunch them up. Once I did this to all my sections, I let the product dry and my waves have more bounce again, frizz is gone and with some of them I have a lot of added shine.

My current favorite mousses for wavy hair:

DevaCurl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

This alcohol-free foam smells like candy while leaving waves defined, shiny and frizz free thanks to sunflower and lemongrass extracts.

Raw Curls Mousse

This mousse contains 100% natural and organic ingredients plus plant based UV protection and antioxidants. It’s extremely lightweight, yet concentrated so a little goes a long way.

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Styling Mousse

There is so much goodness in this mousse including Shea Butter, Coconut Water, a Fruit Fusion blend of Dragon Fruit, Lychee Berry and Green Apple Extracts, Imbe Oil and Aloe! This lightweight smoothie for your hair will add shine, fight frizz and re-encourage definition in waves without weighing them down.

Do you use mousse?

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