Wavy Beginner's Guide: Two-Strand Twist for Volume & Curl

2012-10-01 14:00:04

Wavy Beginner's Guide: Two-Strand Twist for Volume & Curl

How to do an under-not-over two-strand twist.

Step one on a two-strand twist
Step one on a two-strand twist, twisting over.

Step One

To begin, take a small section of your hair and separate it into two pieces. Then simply begin twisting, moving one piece of hair to the other hand.

Now, here is the tricky part. This has to be done TIGHTLY. You must begin at the root and move in small sections, keeping hair as tight as possible.

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Tracey Wallace

Tracey Wallace

I tried this on wet hair (four sections) and I'm not sure if if really gave me any more volume or curl but it did give me root curl which I never have! I was so excited. My boyfriend even commented that he liked how my hair looked and asked what I did different. Also this is helping me to learn how to French braid lol. I always was terrible when I tried but each time I do this my twist is looking better and better.
@wavywendalin If I am just using it as a style on dry hair, I just do one side. The second twist in the photo is to show you the difference between an over-not-under twist and an under-not-over twist. One increases curl and volume, the other stretches curl. Type 2s generally want the first, type 4s the second. On wet hair, I do about four sections of the over-not-under twist and leave it until dry. Though, I do recommend using a light hold product (like deva anGEL) and not using too much of it. I tried it out with Moroccan oil mousse, and it was toooooo much and left my hair super greasy, with hardly any curl. =\
So do you do this on both sides? Just two twists?