Who said rainbow hair was juvenile or too playful to be taken seriously? Lately our Instagram feeds have been full of effortlessly sophisticated, grown and sexy women who rock unnatural hair colors just so enviably right.

WARNING: This article will make you want to eat tons of cotton candy, popsicles, and be a mermaid.

If Alanna Durkovich has taught us anything about hair and personal style, it's that they should always appear effortless but magnificent.

Zidisha serves up "cotton candy poodle vibes," as she affectionately calls them, and we are so here for them.

Our forever crush Michelle keeps her curls consistently fresh with an array of color blends--her signature silver is our fave.

Faded grey and pink Type 2a waves never looked so purposely fabulous until we saw Greta's feed.

Electric fuchsia curls are poppin' all up and down AarQuisha's timeline, and we still cannot get enough.

Once you start Insta-stalking Amy, you can say you have actually seen a real life mermaid.

This red 'fro lights up our lives, thanks to PumpkinWU's bold choice in hair color.

Just witness all of the fierceness Livita J is serving with her easter egg pink waves to give you life.

In the hair color world, the lines separating icy white and blonde are often blurred. Catresse walks the line like a pro.

It's not blonde, and it isn't quite yellow, either--Steaktalk's hair practically makes her a walking glow stick.

Jasmine Long has successfully unlocked the code for upstaging a cute dog in a selfie with her magnetic multicolored TWA.

Every now and then Sarah Marie strays from her usual platinum blonde and switches it up with a sultry indigo or highlighter green hue.