men put flowers in their beardsHey ladies!

We are not the only ones who enjoy playing with our hair and trying out new trends. Check out these two strange (but charming) current men's hair trends going on right now.

1. Men With Flowers in Their Beards

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This reminds me of the 60s and certainly gives off a fun hippie vibe. I mean hey, I guess if us girls can wear flowers in our hair why not have men enjoying floral accessories too? I do not think I'd like this as an everyday thing but maybe when Winter turns to Spring and the air starts getting warmer and flower starts to bloom this can be cute? I just hope some of the men who put these flowers is their beards do not have an allergies because flowers that close to their noses and eyes with allergies does not make for a good combo.

manscaping - creating art with chest hair

2. Manscaping: Art in Chest Hair

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I certainly cannot deny that the men who shave chest hair into such intricate pictures of skylines have artistic talent. It takes hours and precision to get these shapes right and accurate. I just don't understand why do this? To me this is no different than manscaping other areas on the body which I think is odd enough as is. I'm sorry but honestly, while I can appreciate the talent, this is not a trend I can say I like. However, I do not get the point of it...and I think it looks weird.

Would you let your boyfriend rock one of these hair trends? Let us know what you think in the comments below.