Curly Hairstyles to Rock Now

2012-08-15 22:42:22

Curly Hairstyles to Rock Now

Check out the hottest curly hairstyles that you need to try now! See the hottest colors, styles and accessories.

low ponytail

Low ponytail for curlies.

Ride Your Pony! Low ponytails are so sleek and easy to achieve. This look is a great look for work, dates and nights out. You can dress them up with an accessory or just rock with your curls.

messy bun

Curly messy bun. Fun!

The Low Messy Bun! Messy buns are another great look for curlies this season. Another easy look to achieve grab a couple spin pins and you’re done. This is another great look for work or date night.

Now let’s explore what accessories are in style this spring!

New Headbands & Turbans! This is a very exciting trend this season as we have not seen it before. Women are wearing large, thick and textured headbands. Woman are also wearing headscarfs and turbans this season. We are seeing this look on many celebrities right now. These are such a fun way to add color or a pattern to your look. Plus they can hide a bad hair day! They are very easy to put on and wear.

Check out this story and accompanying video for instructions on how to tie a scarf. And find our brand new beautiful scarves now at CurlMart!

Time to talk Spring hair cut trends!

curly bangs

Curly bangs.

Bang, Bang, Your Head! Bangs are back again this year. We saw them on the runway and now we see them in the streets. Curly bangs are a fun way to change up your look. They do require more time and effort but frame faces beautifully. Read more about curly bangs.

messy bun

Curly messy bun, what fun!

Short Cut/Curly Bobs The bob is back, reinterpreted and re-imagined—and it’s rocking fringe or bangs this year. For those who want or already have a bob haircut, the question becomes how to style it. The new style is this: messy with bangs. So add some sea salt and ask your stylist for some fringe. Get the curly bob look now.

Check out our curly hairstyles gallery to see more of these hot trends in action.

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