Happy Birthday Gemini! What does your hair horoscope have in store for you? You can expect the unexpected, so read on for tips to navigate your birthday month.

Consistency may not be Gemini’s strong suit, but you can use your impulsivity to your advantage.

Qualities You Possess

  • Lack of consistency. Your unpredictable hair would rather not stick to the same routine or product. 
  • Impulsiveness. When it comes to hair products, your hair color, and trying daring, new things — you are totally up for the challenge and are not afraid to commit. 
  • Versatility. You’re definitely not afraid to go with the flow and remain unaltered by unexpected obstacles, especially for your fashion and hair.

What does this mean?

During your birthday week, change it up. If you’re used to wearing your hair up all the time, embrace a chance to bask in all your b-day glory by literally letting your hair down. For wavies, go for a different defining mousse or cream to amp up the volume. For curlies and coilies with medium-length hair, aim for a “fake pixie” similar to this one. This is when your impulsive behavior plays a positive factor into your personal wardrobe, makeup, and hair.

Geminis love trying new things, and we love that about them. If there’s a new buzzed about hair oil, you’ve tried it. You won’t find a Gemini sporting last year’s ombre trend, you’re on to the next trend before it even begins! Be aware that these qualities can put your hair – and your wallet – at risk. Your hair may be suffering from the constant changes you inflict upon it, hair color can be damaging especially to the ends, and over-manipulating your hair to try new styles will definitely lead to breakage.

If you’re jonesing for a new color this spring, try henna to brighten up your natural hues safely. If the exact color doesn’t come out as planned or your new ‘do doesn’t work, no worries — you’re dope enough to pull off whatever comes out of a failed hair experiment. Just remember to give your hair a break from the manipulation every now and then, and a good weekly deep treatment!

Based on your traits, you may find inspiration in these:

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